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Xbox has remained one of the most popular series of gaming consoles in gaming history and the present gaming market, as it holds the position of one of the two dominating consoles on the market.

While having a gigantic presence in offline gaming, they have an even larger presence in online gaming, as hundreds of multiplayer Xbox games are released every year. Free Xbox gift cards help you buy games, apps, movies, music, and other items from the Xbox Store, and are usually very helpful, since they offer great discounts and amounts of digital currency.

Free Xbox Gift Cards: How to Redeem Them

The best and simplest way to redeem Xbox Gift cards is directly through the Microsoft website itself. After signing in at, you can redeem your Xbox Gift Card from the left-hand side dashboard, a simplified system that makes sure people are able to redeem their cards without much trouble.

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How to Get Free Xbox Gift Cards Without surveys

While many people think these valuable cards are rare, they are very easy to get, and can be found without much trouble. For one, Survey Websites, along with Paid Tasks websites, are one of the simplest ways of getting free Xbox Gift cards. While these websites have suffered from a bad reputation due to the time required, most of them nowadays offer almost instantaneous services. Here are some of the best ways to get free Xbox Gift Cards.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks has recently risen to be one of the most popular Survey and Paid Task websites out there, as they have a quite attractive service model for their users. Periodic sales, which happen quite often, make for even more users, as these allow lots of people to get many Gift cards, games and other things cheaply. Swagbucks is one of the cheapest places to find free Xbox Gift Cards.

2. PrizeReward

Another longtime veteran of the Task/reward field, this website is one of the most preferred ones out there. A low withdrawal minimum makes this a favorite for kids and teens, since they usually have a lower budget than adults. PrizeReward can help you get the free Xbox Gift Codes you need to buy your favorite Xbox Games.

3. InstaGC

InstaGC has become popular all over because they have been handing out completely free Gift Cards to people for some time, and has thus become a user favorite when thinking about Paid Task websites. They also have one of the lowest withdrawal requirements, as their least withdrawal amount is 1 dollar. They’re also one of the very fastest Gift Card Websites, as they usually deliver the Gift Card instantaneously.

4. Ebates

This cash back store became popular for offering users rewards whenever they purchased from a supported online store, making this website popular amongst both customers and retailers. Since they also apply a coupon code, Ebates has become a famous shopping app. For purchasing merchandise, Ebates even gives out free Xbox Gift Cards, a fact that has made it popular among gamers in urgent need of doing some shopping.

5. ShopAtHome

ShopAtHome, a cashback website that offers quite a lot of good bonuses to its users, is also another website that can provide you with Xbox Gift Cards so you can purchase things from the Xbox Store. One of the awesome things about this website is the fact that they offer no less than a 10$ sign up bonus to their users, along with using their coupons and codes to get steep discounts on items. This website makes both your shopping and gaming much easier!

6. Honey

Honey is an extension you can install on your browser that automatically attaches coupon deals to any purchases you make, and thus always makes sure that you buy items at a discount. Supported by more than 30,000 online merchants, this extension has become semi-famous in a very short period of time. In their rewards program you’ll also find free Xbox Gift Cards for users who have been using the app to do a lot of shopping!

7. Online Retailers

Quite a lot of online retailers all over the world offer Xbox Live and Microsoft points for sale, as there is always a need for online currency. Sellers like eBay and Amazon both offer Microsoft points for sale, as they both stock and sell Xbox Gift Cards, along with many other Gift Cards of changing variety. Quite a lot of retailers also stock these as part of reward programs for their users, as reward programs have become common all over the Internet.

8. Third Party Retailers

This is probably one of the most common options out there, as there is no shortage of third-party retailers who sell Coupons, Vouchers, Codes, and Xbox Gift Cards. Quite a lot of these even sell them at discounted rates, such as $100 Xbox Gift Cards being sold at $94.5, making for almost an instant 5% discount rate! You can find sites who sell Gift Cards at discounted rates quite easily, since there are a lot of sites which sell Gift Cards at steep and appealing discounts.

9. Asking for Gift Cards

This is one of the most unrealized ways of getting free Xbox Gift Cards, as most people don’t realize they can ask their parents, relatives and friends to gift them Xbox Gift Cards instead of actual gifts on different sorts of occasions, such as their birthdays. This option is even more appealing for kids and teens, as their parents will readily buy them Xbox Gift Cards for their birthdays, Easter, and other such occasions. Many people can also ask for a Gift Card for their Christmas present.

10. Credit Card Reward Programs

Nowadays, most banks have Reward Programs for their Credit Cards, and more than most of these Reward Programs also contain free Xbox Gift Cards, since Gift Cards have become known as an appealing type of gift. Most Credit Card Reward Programs don’t even require you to use it a lot of getting Gift Cards, since they are usually one of the earlier types of rewards.